The Bethel Free Church Reaching out...

We encourage everyone to discover what God has to offer them and for every person to discover their place in society. Let us build a relationship with God.
Our first discovery that we all need to find is God . . . simple. From the Bible we see what God has to offer. 'Salvation' is God's offer to us and He desires that we should all receive it. The Bible tells us that...
John 3 v 16:
My friends, we want you to know that God loves you so much that He has made a way for you to receive that love.
All of us have rebelled against God and have all gone our own way. This way leads to unfulfillment, unsatisfaction and, for many, frustration. To those who think that they have found the joy of living without God, at the end, everything is lost. Jesus Christ came to show us the way to LIFE and how we can receive the LOVE and PEACE of God through BELIEVING in Jesus. Our rebellion towards God is called in the Bible . . . sin. If we repent of our sin and ask Jesus into our life, then He will come in, forgive us and give us a new heart. Would you like to receive this offer from God? If so pray this prayer wherever you are, out loud, but be sincere...
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NEED TO FIND A CHURCH? - Do you need to GROW to be a part of a fellowship.
We offer to you the welcome that you seek. We offer to you a House-group type of church. We can ensure that you will get the biblical teaching that will enable you to grow and to develop your Christian life.
We allow the Holy Spirit to move upon us that leads us deeper into God allowing the POWER and GRACE of God to flow so we overcome problems and seek God's way forward.
Please come along to find out more.
“Lord Jesus I come to you just as I am. I know that I have rebelled against you and I have gone and done things my own way. I repent of this now because I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sin. I ask you, Jesus, to forgive me and I invite you into my life. Thank you God for your love towards me. Thank you Jesus for coming into my life, I will now love and serve You all the days of my life. In Jesus Name . . . AMEN.
If you have prayed this prayer, you have now become a Child of God. God is your Heavenly Father and you have now become a member of His family. Congratulations.

What do I do now?…
let us know – we would like to send you some reading to get you started in your new Christian Life.
email your name and address to us…
Find a Bible start to read St. Luke's gospel or COME ALONG TO ONE OF OUR SERVICES – introduce yourself and we will make you very welcome.
It is important, now that you have a new life, that you allow this life, with God, to GROW and the best way of doing this is to join with us or a church that speaks and teaches the TRUE WORD OF GOD. This will enable you to learn about God and to discover what plans God has for you.
If you don't live in this area contact us and we will put you in touch with a church near by for you to attend.
God Bless You.
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