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Below is our Church calendar on the left showing all our weekly services and events throughout the year and right details of up and coming dates and times.
Keep checking back as new items are added weekly.
Our weekly services and events
Sunday Morning Service 10.30am
This is mainly geared towards adults, however, young people are always welcomed. Our worship is centered around our congregation, not a worship group, this engages every person present.
Our Pastor preaches on every Sunday except the second Sunday of each month, we then have a visiting preacher. (For details see calendar for month below).
Communion is observed on the first Sunday of each month.
Sunday Evening 7.30am
HEALING MEETING. Each month we hold a Healing Meeting when we minister 'The Laying on of Hands'. This meeting is opened to everyone, no need to be familiar with 'churchy things'.
Sunday - Last Sunday in the month
Last Sunday in the month, at 7.30pm, all are welcome to join us for an evening of faith-building and healing.
Monday morning 10.30am
Prayer and Fellowship Group - An invitation goes to Christians of East-the-Water, Bideford to come and join in prayer for our community.
Spend 1 hour a week to pray for peoples needs and see God the 'Miracle Worker' intervene. Also includes a time of sharing with light refreshments. We will make monthly Prayer Pointers/Prayer Requests. Please share with us how God has answered your prayers.
Tuesday Evening 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Each Tuesday we have a Bible Study. Unlike traditional bible studies, our Pastor guides us through the biblical teaching and gives understanding of various biblical subjects, allowing the TRUTH of scripture to be revealed. For current subjects, see Calendar. There is a time for open prayer towards the end of the meeting for those who would like to join in.
Special Events

Keep checking back as new dates are added regularly