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Each week our Pastor writes a weekly assignment. This enables us to implement the teachings of our FAITH. Follow this each week from here.
As the woman reached out, she made contact with the hem of Jesus garment – at once, instantly, the heavenly flow of healing power began to flow throughout her body. It was as if she had turned on a light for through her fingertips flowed 'healing power' through her weakened sick body. This 'healing power' flowed directly to the problem which caused this woman to suffer from 'an issue of blood'. As the healing from her fingertips reached to the 'root cause' she felt the pain gone. 'Immediately', we read (Mark 5 v 25-34) in verse 29 - “Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering”. Listen to what the Word says – Immediately, (meaning) at once, instantly, her pain and suffering was gone. At once, instantly, the physical drain that had been on her life for all those years was gone. She now felt in her body that she was HEALED. All she now wanted to do was to withdraw from the crowd, return home, and acknowledge the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for sending the Prophet to heal her with her continued praise. But, as we read on, it didn't happen that way. For no sooner than her healing began to flow into her body she heard Jesus say “Who touched Me?”. Verse 30 says, 'at once Jesus realised that Power had gone out from Him He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched My clothes?”. You see there is no escaping the fact that when Jesus does something for us HE KNOWS and He also looks for 'testimonies' and 'acknowledgement'. Why should Jesus do anything for you if you are not prepared to 'VERBALLY' testify and acknowledge Him. This woman would have returned healed, but still would have blessed God. Jesus knew, and she had no where else to go but to come and to own up. Think about it, she had pushed her way through the crowd to touch Him, she was deemed 'unclean'. She had touched Jesus, she had broken the Law of Moses. Now would Jesus respond by scolding her, belittling her, exposing her for wilfully disobeying the traditions handed down to her from the fathers? Would she and all around see a side of Jesus that no one had seen before? v33 “Then the woman knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at His feet and trembling with fear told Him the whole truth”. As she came up to Jesus notice her emotions. She was trembling with fear because she didn't know what now to expect from the Lord Jesus. As we come to Christ with our problems, how do we expect Jesus Christ to respond to us?
In the Name of Jesus, I receive this today . . . Amen.

Father God, as I come to You with the concerns of my heart, may I be aware of how You respond to my prayers. In Jesus Name . . . Amen.
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